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  1. Wilson Fred Broussard

    Thank you for providing a beautiful and moving military service to our dad, Wilson Fred Broussard. He was a very proud Veteran of WWII and we know how much it meant to him that SETVSG was there. The touching service was truly an honor and quite impressive. We are extremely grateful and want to convey our deepest appreciation to the SETVSG.

    God bless each and every one of you.
    The Broussard Children

  2. Craig Morris

    I want to express our family’s deepest gratitude for the dignified and moving graveside service provided by Southeast Texas Veterans Service Group last week for our father, Lester Morris. We will never forget the special way that you honored our father. Dad was a proud US Navy veteran and served during the second World War. We were so honored by your presence and I know Dad would have been proud. Thank you for your service to our great country and the dedication and devotion to your fellow veterans.

    With deep Appreciation,
    The Family of Lester Morris

  3. A Grateful Family Member of a Veteran

    Thank you for enabling my grandfather to have military honors at his funeral. I know that he was proud of serving his country as a U.S. Marine and he would of been very honored by the ceremony. We are all so thankful to have the Southeast Texas Veterans Group in our area. Your group provides an important service to veterans and their families. Thank you.

  4. Matthews Family

    The Matthews family extends their most profound gratitude to STVSG for honoring Bill Matthews in the most dignified and deserving manner conceivable. His love of country is unsurpassed and STVSG’s service and tribute is unsurpassable.


    This past Saturday the South East Texas Veterans Service Group was asked to provide flag Presentation honors and rifle volley and play taps for the opening ceremonies for the Wreathes across America program at Forest lawn in Beaumont.

    Now every veteran will remember that from day one we were taught that when we heard the national anthem or TAPS you stopped what you were doing and came to attention face the direction of the music and render the hand salute.If you were in your car you stopped everyone got out and saluted.

    Back to Forest Lawn. There was another Veterans group which I’ll not name that were at the Muslim Waiting on a funeral to arrive in uniform not 50 yards away. when the music was played they did not come to attention and salute.

    For them I am very ashamed.Very poor leadership.


    The Veteran
    We lost another Vet today
    We laid him to rest
    But when he walked upon this earth
    He walked among the best

    He went to war for his country
    To protect our way of life
    He never had a second thought
    Though his days were filled with strife

    When his tour was over
    And he finally came back home
    He knew that things were different
    And sometimes he felt alone

    His dreams were filled with horrors
    He was afraid to go to sleep
    Because he knew by morning
    He would wake and would weep

    Now those dreams are over
    He’ll finally get some rest
    For today he walks again
    Among the very best

    CW-3 US Army Ret’d
    Floyd W. Jiminez


    We appreciate your service. The Honor Guard service was everything we expected. It was beautiful and moving. We thank you all personally as honorable men.


    Sorry this has taken me two years to than all of you for the wonderful service you gave for COL, Glenn Kirkland. I also want all those that attended to know the family and friends noticed the large number in uniform.
    May GOD bless you all.


    Dear Sir and All who were involved.

    I must write to at least try to say how very proud I am of your group that performed the beautiful military service at the final resting place of my husband, my HERO, Mel Hammock on Saturday June 20 th. My children and my hear were near to bursting with PRIDE and APPRECIATION for the men and women honoring Mel. Mel was a “Red, White and Blue Blooded American” who deserved your service. I want to impart from all of my family and friends and myself a huge and honorable


    For those of us that had the opportunity to serve our nation with Honor in the military forces.It has always been a source of personal pride. It didn’t matter if you were a draftee or enlistee or one that made the made the service a career. We all raised our right hand and took the oath to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign are domestic and at the same time we wrote a check that was payable on demand to the United States of America for all that we had to include our lives.

    Then after our service days ended, we as honorable men saw need that we should once again put that uniform back on band together to support and carry our brothers a sisters the last mile, and to honor them for their true and faithful service to they gave our country. This is our way of giving back and making sure that all our brothers and sisters get the honors due them .We are a true band of brothers and sisters and we are soldiers serving soldiers .We take care of our on.

    But what really tears at my heart is when other groups that form up and its all about “Hey look at me”. These people that do so by wearing uniforms that they never severed in and most of all wearing the ranks of NCO’s and commissioned officers that they never earned. and they are doing this knowing full well that it is in violation of the law.These people are slapping the face of every Veteran that has put on and worn the uniform with true honor.

    This is happing right here in the golden triangle for several years. These people are fraud’s they are getting donation of your money by fraud and misrepresentation Just look around you will see them. Thankfully the SETVSG Are true men of honor, and they take great personal pride in representing our nations armed forces’ by strictly adhering to all the regulations governing the proper wearing of their Branch of service’s uniform.

  11. Kathy Hamilton Williams

    We would like to thank the Southeast Texas Veterans Serivce Group for the military honors provided at the funeral service for Richard E. Hamilton on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. We found it very comforting. We are making a contribution in Richard’s memory so that your group can continue to bring comfort to others. Thank you again.

    Kathy Hamilton Williams
    Lauren Williams Mason

  12. Silvia & Wilbur Benoit

    I would like to take the time to thank everyone involved in the Military Rites given to our son Rodney on November 6, 2014. This was one of the most honorable things that could have been done for our son. Our son served with honor for four years and was very proud to be a Veteran. Our son would of been so honored as we were. It was a wonderful and moving service. So on behalf of the family of Rodney J Benoit thank you very much for the Military Rites given to our wonderful son.

    The family of Rodney J Benoit

  13. Gary Davis, COL USAF, Retired

    On behalf of the entire A.H. Kuebodeaux family, please accept our sincere appreciation for the military honors you provided for the services on 9 Sept 2014. With less than 24 hours notice, Maj Howard Rogers and his team of SETVSG members responded to our request for honors. They rendered a professional, moving tribute to a WWII veteran who would have been extremely proud and honored by the entire performance. The participation and actions of the SETVG will be long remembered and appreciated by the entire family.

    With sincere thanks

    The A. H. Kuebodeaux Family

  14. Nora Allen

    Your service on May 31, 2014 for CPL Johnnie Allen was deeply appreciated, I am truly grateful.


    Thank you for the military service you performed for my husband at Village Mills Cemetery on May 22, 2014. The woman in uniform from your group did a magnificent job representing the veterans that have served our country. May the Lord bless your service to our veterans that have passed away. Thank you for the flag that was presented.

    The Neuman Family

  16. johnny colunga

    GIFT CARD. Suzanne Carter

  17. Johansson

    The family of Edwin Johansson want to thank you for the full military service in honor
    of our dad. This meant so much for us to have our loved one honored for his time of
    military service. In appreciation, enclosed is a check to help your organization with

    The Edwin Johansson Family

  18. LeDoux

    To Southeast Texas Veterans Group

    We wish to say thank you for the honor which you gave our loved one. He was very
    proud to serve in the U.S. Navy and we enjoyed hear about his experiences.
    It is with appreciation to your group that we will remember you kindness.
    Thank you so much.

    The family of Wilbert LeDoux

  19. Jerry D.Kelley

    I have been in this group going on fourteen years now. I have had the privilege to be the groups commanding Officer for four terms now.It’s a privilege to serve with men of this stature.Having served in the military for over twenty nine years I have to say that these men are among the finest Officers and NCOS that I have ever known.
    The dedication and giving of themselves to others to And the dovotion TO DUTY AND HONOR AND COUNTRY that each have is above and beyond the call.

    I have been asked by a number of people at the services that we do.How can you do these funerals for these past warriors day after day? I say how can we not. We owe these men and women so much more. We do not get any moneytary gain for doing these services. I my payday comes when I get that tearful hand shake or hug from the folks that we serve.

    It’s honor to serve our on. Soldiers taking care of soldiers.We leave no man behind.


  20. Pamela Campise

    My husband is a member of this group. And I can honestly say he is hole heartedly dedicated to this. It gets ruff on these men doing as many funerals as they do, but they never complain, and all these men and women that are in this organization are doing it for the same reason, Not Pay, nor that they are told to do this, but it is out of the Love that they have for a fellow soldier. And I am so proud of my husband and of all the men and women in this organization. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

  21. Lynn Therrien

    I will forever be grateful to the STVSG for the beautiful Military honor service they provided for my father, Daniel Licatino. I know he would have been proud to know his fellow Veterans were there to honor his service to our country in such a special way. It meant the world to our family and feel that every man or woman that served this great country in which we live in freedom deserves this honor as they are laid in their final resting place here on this earth. For if it were not for these Veterans we would not be able to lay our heads on our pillows at night knowing we are safe because of them.
    Respectfully and Grateful,
    Lynn Therrien and Family of Daniel Licatino

  22. Johnny

    I’m happy to see us up and running with our own website. This is something we have needed. Excellent job by our webmaster.

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